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3 Reasons To Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

11/06/2013 Back To Blog

It is very easy to forget about a dryer vent and highly likely that many of us overlook the fact that it should be cleaned at least once a year. When these get clogged, your dryers are forced to work harder and run hotter. This increases the chance that something can go wrong. Here are three reasons why you should have your dryer vents cleaned.Dryer Vent Cleaning 24/7 Services


Protect Against Fire

Vents can become clogged with all sorts of debris, mainly lint. Excessive lint buildup can cause many problems, but by far the biggest is the threat of fire. It has been reported that over 15,000 residential fires occur each year due to vent fires. When clogged, machines must work harder in order to dry clothes. Machines have a tendency to overheat when forced to work harder. The overheating can ignite the lint and cause a fire. Professional Dryer vent cleaning can help prevent fire.


Machine Efficiency

Dryers will work more efficiently when their vents are clean. The removal of debris and lint buildup allows the machine to dry clothes faster. Faster drying means shorter cycles. When cycles are shorter, the machines will not overheat. Also, since the machine is being used less, you are saving on your energy costs. A more efficient dryer is one that saves you time and money.


Extend the Life Of Your Machine

When you are looking for a dryer vent cleaning company in Cypress, it is important to understand that not only are you protecting your home against fire, but regular cleaning will extend the life of your machine. After a cleaning, a dryer will run more efficiently. A more efficient machine doesn’t have to work as hard or run as long in order to dry a load of clothes. The less time it is used, the longer it will last.

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