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Here are the answers to the most important air duct cleaning questions. Keep reading below. Learn why it is significant to maintain HVAC systems, what causes filth accumulation in ducts and how you can maintain a clean home and office.

How can I have cleaner air inside my home and workplace?

Today according to experts at Air Duct Cleaning Cypress, the only way you can get clean air is with the use of air coolers or air conditioning units. With the use of these units you should also look into their maintenance. You should keep them clean so no pollutants and other substances that are hazardous to the health get mixed with the air coming in.

What can cause ductworks to become defective?

All the parts of your HVAC system needs maintenance check. Often regular cleaning job can keep your system going well. There are times when after doing a good cleaning job your system is still not working efficiently. This is because there might be leaks in your ductwork. You can reseal your ductworks or replace parts that need replacements. Ductworks should always be clear and leak-proof.

Why should I maintain the HVAC unit twice annually?

According to the specialists of Air Duct Cleaning Cypress, HVAC maintenance is important to take place in between seasons. It's good to clean and repair the unit before the cold winter days and the hot summer ones, so that the system will work efficiently during extreme temperatures. You might need air duct repair, too.

How do I monitor indoor air quality?

Certain devices and laboratory instruments can be purchased online or from hardware stores to monitor air quality indoors, including temperature, humidity, pressure, and particles present in the room’s atmosphere. Our experts recommend having some of these in your home so you could constantly monitor indoor air quality.

What factors determine the efficiency of air filters?

The type is important. Mechanical filters are the most basic while electrostatic and electronic ones collect more fibers. The make is another factor affecting efficiency. Fiberglass filters, for example, are less efficient compared to those having cotton or polyester fibers. The frame also determines the efficiency of air filters to a great extent. It should be made of strong metal and fit tightly.

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