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The best residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning services.

Keep your air duct system well-maintained. Discover the most effective tips to ensure you breathe clean air inside your home.

Replacing dryer vents

Dryer vent can wear out over time. If this happens, Lint may clog on the vent, making it difficult for the dryer to do its job. Since drying will take longer than usual, your energy bill will increase. Worse, the clogged lint may cause fire to ignite. If you experience longer drying time, have your dryer vent checked. Dryer vent replacement would be needed if it’s damaged.

Fixing air duct condensation

Condensation is one of the problems that you may encounter on your air ducts. This can cause molds to grow lowering air quality. Air Duct Cleaning Cypress experts strongly suggest that the main source of condensation or moisture should be fixed to prevent the problem from happening again. Leaks on roof and holes on air ducts are some of the most common causes.

Importance of air duct cleaning

The air ducts at home are often overlooked since they are not visible to the eyes. However, air duct cleaning should be done as dirt and other matters can build up on your air ducts causing several problems after some time including higher electricity bill and airborne diseases. Have your air ducts cleaned at least every two years to prevent these issues.

Check the air ducts in the new house

Checking the air ducts when you move to a new house is important for your pocket and health according to Air Duct Cleaning Cypress. If they are very dirty, you will soon have problems with your health. If they're damaged, you won't have good temperatures.

Home tools must not be used for air duct cleaning

These tools can easily cause damage to the ductwork such as scratching, denting and even piercing, especially when they are used by an unskilled person. Our specialists in air duct cleaning Cypress explain that specially designed tools are required for the job.

Groom your pets

If you have pets at home, see to it that they are always groomed. Animals shed fur that get airborne and eventually get caught in the air vents of your home. Our specialists say that keeping the pets groomed lessens the buildup of particles in the air filters at home.

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