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HVAC Unit Cleaning

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When it comes to ensuring your HVAC unit is clean and able to work without overstraining, there's no one better than our local team. We check for damage and defects while cleaning the machine, and make sure to replace the filters too, so that particles that start clogging them don't break off and contaminate your indoor air.HVAC Unit Cleaning in California

Why Seek Expert Assistance

Cleaning an HVAC unit is an intricate process and it requires specialized tools and solvents. It's important to know exactly how to handle every part of the system, to not accidentally do more damage, which may cause the unit to fail to work as well, which will end up inflating your energy bill.

Air Quality Testing

It’s not enough to just clean your HVAC unit, we need to know how many contaminants are circulating through your indoor environment, as there could be some problem lurking somewhere that's not immediately visible, like a leak in the air ducts. That is why we'll test the air quality inside your property. If we detect an abnormal amount of dust particles or other contaminants, we'll begin to root out the source and look for potential causes. Checking the air quality also helps us to see how effective cleaning the HVAC unit was, and whether it needs to be cleaned again or if some more effective solutions need to be used.

Comprehensive Repair Services

As is the case with all mechanical devices, things can go wrong with your HVAC unit. When problems occur, you'll want to get rid of them as soon as possible, and to have the unit fixed by experts who know what they're doing. Our professionals fit that bill. We can fix issues with the condensing unit, the evaporator coils and even the grill. You can count on us to make sure your property stays energy efficient and that your indoor environment returns to its fresh and clean state.

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If you want to get the most out of your HVAC unit, having our experts take care of its maintenance requirements it is a great way to do that. Contact our team at Air Duct Cleaning Cypress today to schedule an appointment.

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